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Monday, June 30, 2014

5 reasons people should move to Shanghai

We asked Simon Lichtenberg, founder of the Trayton Group, for 5 reasons people should move to Shanghai, where his Group is based. Simon started the Trayton Group in 1995, designing, making, and selling upholstered furniture. They now have facilities and shops all over China and in the U.S, export all over the world, and have links with two Danish companies. Simon himself was born in Denmark, and moved to Shanghai in 1987.

Reason 1: You can get anywhere from here.

It is easy to get to anywhere from Shanghai. Japan is relatively cheap to travel to, as is Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand. All of these examples take only a few hours to get to by plane. Places like Australia and India are much less hassle to get to from Shanghai than from a western country.  As Simon Lichtenberg explains: 'The Trayton Group has offices all over the world. Travelling from Shanghai is convenient and cost effective travels are very important for us'.

Reason 2: The food is great!

We all know and love Chinese food, but Chinese food from China is different to what we get in the West. It's even better! There are incredibly cheap and delicious noodle stalls all over the place. Plus, in Shanghai, you get food from all over the world. Simon likes to stress that within the Trayton Group, the company provides everyday a delicious lunch-time meal from local suppliers for its employees, and that he always has the same as they do as it’s usually very good.

Reason 3: Opportunities

Shanghai is one of the most advanced cities in China and one of the largest in the world, so there are plenty of jobs and business initiatives going, whether you are just starting your career, already well-established, or perhaps trying something new. Also, there are also lots of universities and educational establishments. According to Simon: 'Shanghai provides the Trayton Group with a quality workforce. We are always looking to add to our growing team.'

Reason 4: Culture and History

Shanghai is full of history and culture. The architecture of the various temples and old houses gives an insight into its history, and there are several museums where you can learn more. Alongside this, you have the modern side of Shanghai with more recent builds, which include Skyscrapers and western-style homes. You still see people practising traditional martial arts, as well as suited business people. The Night-life here is also very good, so you can still live a modern city-life. Simon explains that one of the reasons he set up the TraytonGroup in Shanghai first of all is because that is where old meets new: ‘It's a major modern city, but you still see traditional know-how all around you and that is really inspiring for our furniture business.’

Reason 5: The people

Simon reckons 'I've met so many fascinating and wonderful people while living in Shanghai'. People in Shanghai are some of the friendliest and most welcoming around. You meet people from all over the world, so you are bound to run into someone you have something in common with. This mix of cultures makes the population extremely interesting and dynamic.